Navy Seal Museum remembers war heroes

The Navy SEAL Museum located in Ft Pierce Florida

Posted: 11/11/2010
By: James Wieland
"It's a great day to be alive, and the flag's flying and I fly it every day in front of my house," proud World War II vet, James Hopper remembers. "I'm an American and I believe in it and this is the greatest country in the world." And how does Hopper know that? His mother told him at a young age. "She told me 'James, this is the land of opportunity, and you can make anything out of yourself that you want to' and she was right!" That spirit is what drove him to become a Navy Seal. "Seals have been around in every conflict since World War II and you don't hear a lot about them. A lot of what they do is classified. This is the only place that the public can come and see what these men have done and what they are doing," said Capt. Michael Howard, USN, Executive Director of the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum. And that's why Hopper, and others came to the Navy Seal Museum in Ft. Pierce. "We have boats, we have submersibles, we have helecopter, space capsules, weapons and uniforms and photographs just everything imaginable," Howard said. One of the newest additions is a new memorial wall honoring those who sacrificed their lives. "This is the only memorial in existence thats dedicated to the UDT and seal men who have been killed in the line of duty going back to 1943," said Howard. For those visitors young and old, these exhibits allow everyone to pay their respect to all who are part of this elite team. Ten-year-old Jonathan Daziani was at the museum and knows why today is special. "Today's the day that lots of guys, lots of people in the army risk their lives to let us be free," he said. The museum is free to all vets. Others pay $6. For more info try to Navy Seal Museum Website

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