History from the Vietnam War

The battle for Thunder Road Fire Base Thunder III

Map of Thunder Road Vietnam War

Map of Thunder Road

Thunder Road was the name given to QL 13 from Saigon west to Quan Loi by the 11th ACR who used the call sign Thunder. Several 1st Inf Div units, especially the 1/4th Cav, 2/34th Arm, 2/2nd (Mech) Inf, and the 1st Eng, as well as 11th ACR Sqdns often OPCONed to the 1st Inf Div, spent a lot of time traveling this road and defending FSBs along it to protect convoys that traveled it. The enemy ambushed this road regularly. There were many "battle of Thunder Roads". The 1st Inf Div history records their battle when the 3rd Bde moved the 2/2nd (Mech) Inf from the Iron Triangle onto outposts along the road. C Co was on FSB Thunder III when the enemy struck of re supply convoy near it. Several 1st Inf Div unit responded and killed 73 NVA in two hours. Within a ten-day period, the enemy attacked the road three times and lost 110 men. On Sep 5, they attacked FSB Thunder II and the next day another convey; 1st Inf Div elements claimed another 78 NVA killed for a total of 188 for the period.

The Battle for Fire Support Base Thunder III

As quoted by Robert (Bob Affolder) "it was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face"

Immediately after the death of Ho Chi Min in early september 1969. The NVA launched a series of attacks against the 1st Infantry Dvision

By Tim Long


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