Tango Mike Mike The story of Roy P. Benavidez - Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipient

This is the story and memorial to Roy P Benavidez. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam.

Born the son of a share cropper, and orphaned at age 10, a 7th grade drop out who went on to become a rare class of warrior, a Medal of Honor recipient...

" If this story were a movie script you would not believe it"
President Ronald Regan

On 2 May 1968 at 13:30 hrs in Loc Ninh, a green beret outpost, screams for help from a nearby shortwave radio. " Get us out of here for God's sake get us out" a twelve man patrol that had been completely surrounded by a North Vietnamese battalion.

Armed with onlt a knife and a medic bag, Benavidez immediately jumped into a helicopter with a three man crew to resuce his trapped comrades.


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