Corpsman 3rd Class Wayne Caron - Middleboro, MA
Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

Wayne Caron

Navy Corpsman. On the 28th of July, Wayne Caron and his platoon, the men of 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment of the 1st Division, were doing a sweep of a rice field when all hell broke loose. Before they could call the direction of incoming fire, two Marines fell wounded and Doc Caron jumped into action. He braved enemy fire to get to the Marines' side, but they were dead before they hit the ground.

The battle continued to rage and the Marines were taking heavy casualties. Over the deafening sounds of battle, Doc could hear the voices of his friends, "Doc! Corpsman!" and it spurred him on. Moving forward to their positions, Caron was struck in the arm - the blood flowing, the pain intense - and he was knocked to the ground. Regaining his feet, Doc forced his way through the pain and continued towards the first voice. The Marine, grievously wounded, lay under his hands as Caron rendered aid. Doc stabilized him, and then was moving towards the next fallen man when he was shot again, this time in the leg.

Nonetheless, Doc shuffled forward, crawling the remaining distance, and treated the wounded Marine. Still more cries echoing out, "Doc! Help Me!" so Caron crawled further still and, for the third time, was shot by enemy small-arms fire. Courageously and with iron-clad determination, Doc struggled towards another wounded man. The rocket round screeched in before anyone could warn Doc, then exploded and took the life of this hero.

Because of his steadfast determination, valor, and extraordinary dedication to his fellow Marines, Wayne "Doc" Caron was awarded, posthumously, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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