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The story of Col. Bob Howard

The story of Col.Bob Howard nominated three times for the Medal of Honor for three seperated acts of incredible bravery. You can only recieve the Medal of Honor once in a lifetime. He was awarded this medal in 1971 by president Nixon.

Bob Howard had 8 purple hearts, several silver stars, 4 bronze stars, 2 distinguished service crosses, he was likely the most heavily decorated American soldier of the modern era. He served in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and in other places as agreen beret.

In one 54 month period he was wounded 14 times, he served five tours of duty in vietnam. He enjoyed visiting Iraq and Afhanistan to visit the tropps fighting there. He had two masters dgrees.

When he retired from service in 2006 he had given 50 years of his life in service of his nation. He passed away from cancer and was buried on 22Februay 2010


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