Challenge coins have been die struck as a lasting memorial to these fallen heroes of the armed forces

For veterans by veterans

SFC Christopher D. Shaw killed in action on 29 September 2009SSG Jack M Martin III was  killed in action on 29 September 2009

A limited number of custom minted challenge coins were diestruck in memory of these two heroes. Two were mounted in the door at the team room named in the honor at Garfields Memorial Team House Association.

The minting of these coins was done so that these heroes families will have a lasting memento of their heroes and to show that they were known here in the Philippines and that they had a positive impact in their selfless service, Lest we Forget.

God bless these men for their service and their sacrifice as well as all the other fallen in Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines. They were killed on Jolo Island in the southern Philippines on 29 September 2009 while serving to help build a school where the children had none. This front in the war on terror is not known by most people but these men and many like them work hard with the local AFP (armed forces of the Philippines) These men died so that the poor children of Jolo could have a school, that selfless work is not to be forgotten.

The team room named in their honor is used regularly as a safe place to meet for the teams when in the area. Filled with a long history of support for the armed forces special forces troops.

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